Aches and Pains: book review

20160506_134049Tim’s current reading material is Louis Gifford’s books, Aches and Pains. This is a series of books written by one of the leading lights in physiotherapy and pain science who unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

He has a lot of weight as a voice in current physiotherapy having trained with the “big names” of the last century – being obsessed with the biomedical model, and yet he has progressed onto a much wider and more inclusive view of physicality and pain science.

The books are written in a very personable style, and are much easier to read than a normal heavy academic text book. It’s a little bit like reading a conversation with him.
Tim commented, “Having just finished the first book of three, I can happily say that I picked up some 20160506_135039excellent new ideas – and also that I have unconsciously been using some of his methods without realising it as well.”

We won’t go into much more about the books or else we’ll write an essay, but what we can say is that the vast majority of the books are very accessible to physios and non-physios alike. The ideas in them are well worth reading and sharing, and they are well worth getting and reading,

Even if you don’t want to shell out for the book, there are a number of downloadable essays on the website, though they are a little less non-physio friendly – look out the Mature Organism Model, it’s a thoroughly interesting look into pain science and the person.



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