Calf Stretches

A common question asked in the running world is “do you stretch?” More often than you think, the answer is “yes”. Quickly followed by, “but only my calves”. Great – stretching is rarely a bad thing. But the way the lower leg muscle group tends to be stretched can be woefully inefficient. A lot of people are really good at stretching ONE of the main lower leg muscles. The other one, (in some peoples opinion, the more important one) doesn’t even get a look in, despite the fact it is used for the majority of force when running. Yikes! Running … Continue reading

Pregnancy Massage: positioning

Your top priority when coming for a pregnancy massage is likely to be that you want a relaxing experience. Plus, if you are experiencing specific aches and pains you are surely going to want those to be eased with a thoroughly good hands on treatment. The good news is, you will get all of that in a pregnancy massage with us. For me, as the massage therapist, my aims are to give you that relaxation and space to breathe, alleviate your discomfort and high on my list of priorities is to keep you and your baby safe. A massage treatment always … Continue reading

The Importance of Sleep

The benefits of sleep and sleeping well need little introduction. But do we all get a good nights sleep? We think it’s worth spending a little time during this week (Sleep Awareness Week) to think about what you can do to promote better sleep for yourself. 6-12 March 2016 Poor sleep, reduced hours sleep, insomnia or disturbed sleep all take a toll on our physical and mental states. It can even be dangerous in some circumstances (driving, operating machinery, or even leading to bad decision-making). Many of us will experience insomnia at some point in our lives. Insomnia on a ‘temporary’ or … Continue reading

Therapy Expo 2014

Therapy Expo is the “UKs dedicated Therapy Trade Show for Clinic Therapists and Independent Practitioners” and once again it was held in Manchester. This year we were there in two capacities. Firstly to explore the stands and see the exhibitors and catch up with our colleagues from London. Secondly, with our Rocktape hats on, helping the guys out on their stand. As expected, it was busy from the outset with questions about the tape, how to apply it, benefits etc, as well as applying it for people who’ve never used it before. We were also drafted in as models for Medical Director, Paul Coker, … Continue reading

Bullock Smithy on RockTape

Earlier this year we were delighted to hear that our Glossopdale Harriers friend and regular sports massage client Sue had entered the Bullock Smithy challenge. She’s a great runner, specialising in ultra distance events and has won some top prizes, in the case of the Endurance Life Marathon (North York Moors in May 2013) she won the race outright in 4:02:42! Sue has been on great form all year,  recording a Personal Best road marathon time of 3.20.12 in the Virgin London Marathon. We’ll let Sue do the talking about her experience on the Bullock Smithy this year: “Earlier this year a club mate proposed running an ultra … Continue reading

Research focus: trigger point therapy for calf pain

We are constantly reading, researching and investigating issues relating to the work we do. In our recent research we’ve read an interesting research study looking at calf (triceps surae) dysfuntion and whether trigger point therapy is an effective treatment. Alongside the trigger point treatment that was administered, subjects were advised on home care using a programme of stretching and foam rollering. The abstract from the paper is in the text below, if you want to have a look – the results show that following treatment to deactivate trigger points the subjects had better range of movement in the ankle, less pain and better function. … Continue reading