Personal Training Testimonial

We have been carrying out a little research into why people train with us and what they are gaining from their personal training sessions. Here’s what Karolina had to say: Why did you choose to start on your personal training journey?  I have suffered from joint and back pain for a long time and tried various types of exercise but nothing helped (if anything, the pain and discomfort got worse). I found out it could be due to suspected hypermobile joint syndrome. I wanted to get fitter and stronger but also to be able to exercise without the risk of … Continue reading

Ski season is coming!

Winter is coming. Ski season is imminent. If you don’t believe me, check out all the webcams from high up in the French and Italian Alps. Although there has been another long hot summer and a lot of the base snow melted, the white stuff is already falling, and there are hopes (as ever) of a decent amount of snowfall this side of Christmas, with the potential for another bumper year of skiing, boarding, and general slopeside fun. All this is great news, it means that a lot of people are getting excited about new skis, new boots, new clothes, … Continue reading

Reconciling the 3Rs and physio treatment

A blog from Tim – not meant to be evidence backed, not meant to be science, this is personal experience. It is a blog not a scientific paper. Background I’ve had an on- going issue with pain in the area around my Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) for about a year now. It originally came on in June 2017, stopped me running for pretty much 5 months – and at one point stopped me weight bearing for a short time. Even though I knew that a scan wasn’t going to help, there were a few moments back in August last year where … Continue reading

Falls vs walking. Risk/reward?

I had the same piano teacher since I was 7 until I was 18. She was already retired then. Until recently – as I approach my 40’s she was still stomping around the globe, going on holidays and generally enjoying life, and was the epitome of the active elder generation. Earlier this year I received news that on a recent winter cruise she unfortunately contracted pneumonia with diabetic complications. And this, in her mid-90’s. Luckily she had some excellent family support around her and was recovering well, her main preoccupation was to “escape the nursing home”. My dad was one … Continue reading

Pain relief – information from a podcast

Painkillers and Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatories (NSAIDS) are a part of all of our lives whether we train, or whether we are in pain. There are a lot of stories bandied around about the various types of painkiller – and this blog is not meant to be the be all and end all to the discussion. It came about as I happened to hear a podcast the other day with an injection trained physio- Dave Barker and thought that the information there would be really good to have the information in a written format somewhere. Below is a summary of … Continue reading

Is it possible to avoid running injuries?

Global Therapies: Tim during the Coniston fell race

I was having a chat with another runner recently about running, injuries and the prevalence of injuries to runners of all types. The conversation mostly focused around chronic injuries rather than acute- “ow, I’ve run into a tree” type injuries. I did a bit of digging and a bit of thinking and ended up with something that turned into this blog. Interesting stat: The biggest predictor of being injured as a runner is not to do with mileage, climb, time on feet, running surface, shoe type or anything like that; it is the answer to the question “have you been … Continue reading