Making A Better Runner – Power Endurance

As mentioned previously. A good runner will have a combination of attributes, but compromises will be made in different areas; being good at one end of the spectrum simply means that you cannot excel to the same extent at the other. The general idea is that you need to have a big engine and a light frame, a high power to weight ratio. The engine needs to be Strong – strong enough to get you up and down everything in a race, but that Strength needs to be able to be channeled quickly. Each foot strike is not a long … Continue reading

Making A Better Runner – Power

Last time I set out a stall saying that runners need a combination of different attributes in order to be faster, better and more efficient at what they do. There was a brief discussion about Strength, and how if you are stronger, then, within reason, you should be able to run faster. However, as mentioned, if you have monstrous strength but weigh a huge amount, that does not translate into speed. I’ll say it again, you need strength relative to weight. In answer to the un-asked question, Yes, you can become stronger without adding on slabs of muscle. This is … Continue reading

Making A Better Runner – Strength

When I’m running, sometimes my head switches into screensaver… amongst the blank spaces, a lot of my time is spent thinking about how to get faster, why the fast guys are indeed so fast and what are the limiting factors preventing me from getting faster and how to overcome them. There are a number of factors that come together in terms of being fast and efficient. Perhaps the overarching principle is the same as that of Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering- Power to Weight ratio. If you are Light, brilliant. You are easier to propel uphill. However, if you lack … Continue reading

Making A Better Runner – Introduction

The “Making a Better Runner” Series of Blogs is not meant to be an exhaustive list of everything you should do to be a better runner. It is also not a scientifically backed up process which maps the way for everyone wishing to be better at a specific sport. We are all different, we are all organic beings. We learn, grow, recover and change at different rates. What works for some people will not work for others – or at least, it will work at a radically different rate. What this series IS, is a series of blogs based around general … Continue reading

Strength basics for Runners

When someone starts running, they just go out and do it, encouraged by the hype that is it a “natural” human movement. Everyone should be able to do it. They go out, hammer it for a few days, a couple of weeks or months, and eventually, a lot of them get injured and frustrated. Running, the natural panacea to all problems has caused them problems. What gives? Yes, although running may well be a normal human movement, a lot of us have spend a lot of time doing some very un-natural human things. Sitting down for 5-8 hours a day, … Continue reading

Jasmin Paris – Paddy Buckley Support

It was going to happen at some point this year. Jasmin had already smashed the records for the Bob Graham – which I had the pleasure of supporting – back in April. She went on to take the overall record for the Ramsay Round, won a couple of Extreme Skyraces, came 6th in the UTMB (Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc) and generally did more long, gnarly running than a lot of Fell runners do in a life time. The obvious hole in her 2016 Palmares was the Paddy Buckley Round, and when the email came asking if I’d help support, … Continue reading