Myth Busters & Back Pain

There have been a series of posts and posters from the CSP recently with the hashtag #mythbusters. I have a couple of posters up in my clinic and they were pointed out to me by a client today – and so I thought it might be good to do a quick blog about the 4 that I have on the wall. They all relate to back pain, as that was the original mythbuster thing. It was an attempt to get people to realise what we do and don’t know about back pain, and to give them a chance to make … Continue reading

I’m injured. Should I rest to make it go away?

Injury. It’s pretty rubbish. Especially when it occurs doing exercise – something that is meant to make you healthier. There also seems to be a massive range of how quickly people get better and come back from injury. Some bounce right back and start doing their thing again, others flounder in the doldrums of injury and re-injury. Unfortunately when you do something nasty to yourself it doesn’t always take the same amount of time to heal, nor does it manifest itself in the same way, as it does in others. It’s not the same as a bit on your car … Continue reading