Diabetes and Massage

11-17 June is Diabetes Awareness Week You may not realise, but massage can help if you are a diabetic. We won’t be looking at the causes and reasons for diabetes; there is a plethora of information on the internet available for you to browse at your leisure. What I want to focus on here is how massage can help, and if there are any techniques we need to modify or avoid with the diabetic client. First we’ll look at whether massage is appropriate for the diabetic client – your safety and health are paramount to us. In a treatment the first … Continue reading

L is for Lumbar

It’s no secret that back pain is common among the general population – more so in recent times, where we find ourselves leading increasingly sedentary lives – or at the least, spending a lot more time in a sitting position, rather than up and about, out in the wild trying to catch our dinner or foraging for food! The lumbar region of your spine (lower back) is made up of five vertebrae and bears the majority of the body’s weight, it also happens to be the second most flexible region of your spine after the cervical region, your neck. There’s clearly a stability … Continue reading

I is for ITB

Illiotibial bands – or ITBs have been mentioned a number of times before on this blog. However, it’s always good to revisit things as there is pretty much always something more to say. If you are a runner or a cyclist you may well have had some kind of issue with the Illiotibial Band, the connection of fascia from the hip area down to the knee area. If you have issues either in your hip or in your feet which make your gait somewhat less efficient than normal, the ITB can “tighten” and pain results in the knee area. It … Continue reading

H is for Habits

Definition: An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Habits…we all have them, even if we don’t realise it. They are the things which shape us, create the person we are, the body we have and the mental attitude we hold. They are behavioural routines which tend to be unconscious and often (apparently) very difficult to alter. As we all know, habits can be positive or negative, and often it is the mental battle to change from negative to positive which defeats us. One recurring area we deal with at Global Therapies relates to postural habits. … Continue reading

F is for Fatigue

Well, ok, so considering where all the exciting research and information is coming from in the world of bodywork nowadays, I suppose that F really should be for Fascia. There are ridiculously large amounts of stuff out there written about it, and I am also one of those that have been talking about it. However, you can read all about that in my Fascianating Fascia post from a while ago. Yes, there is more to say about it, and yes there is more to know, however, muscle fatigue, and more importantly WHY muscles fatigue seems to be something that confuses … Continue reading