The Answer to Hip Pain

My hip pain – the miracle cure As you may or may not know I’ve been having some amusement with my right hip/ sacroiliac joint recently. It just started hurting spontaneously about four weeks ago now, and there is a blog you can read about it here. I haven’t run for four weeks, I’ve barely been able to walk without pain for two of them, despite some pretty lovely rest and some strengthening work. Now, I’d like to talk about alternative therapies for just a moment. In the past I have come across people who have had longer term issues … Continue reading

Hip Pain – a Physiotherapists Personal Perspective

Two weeks ago, on Sunday, I woke up and couldn’t bear weight through my right hip. The pain in my Sacroiliac joint was excruciating, and I had to use my hands on the bed, the drawers, the banister, tables, chairs, kitchen worktops, you name it, I used it, in order to get around. What the heck?! Had I done anything in the past 24 or 48 hours that was out of character? Apart from going to a CPD conference and a short 6 mile run, no, not really. However, I was due to be going to Chamonix on Thursday to … Continue reading