CPD – review and preview

What is CPD? As you may or may not know, CPD stands for Continual Professional Development. It is a core principle of many professions, especially within the healthcare sphere. As a physio I am expected to keep my current levels of knowledge up to date, but also to continue diversifying my knowledge throughout my career. This can take the form of courses, reading, listening to podcasts, teaching, being involved with exams etc. The key is making sure that what I learn goes on to benefit my practice and the people I treat, and also- keeping a record of it all. … Continue reading

A lecture with Shirley Sahrmann

Lynne went to see a lecture by Shirley Sahrmann last year – and when the opportunity came up for another, advertised as her final lecture tour in the UK before her retirement, I jumped at it. Organised by PhysioUK, Shirley was talking at a number of locations around the UK, and I went to see her in Manchester. I had previously seen a couple of videos of her on the web, and they show her just as she is. A Physiotherapeutic version of Mary Berry. A cross between benevolent grandmother and stern university lecturer, with a sense of humour that … Continue reading

January Book – some thoughts

I started reading Meet Your Body by Noah Karrasch several months ago and didn’t make good progress. Not one to easily give up on a book I chose it as my Book of the Month for January. I attended one of Noah Karrasch’s CPD courses in London, CORE Fascial Release for the Shoulder and was greatly impressed by his enthusiasm and style of treating. I have been determined to get through this book, and think that says something in itself. It hasn’t been an easy book for me to read. The material relating to soft tissue therapy that I an … Continue reading

January Book of the Month

A new month brings new reading books for us. This month’s choices are: Lynne has chosen Meet Your Body by Noah Karrasch. Since meeting Noah on a CPD course (CORE Fascial Release for the Shoulder) this book has been on her list to read. For Tim this month it’s A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Treating Headaches and Neck Pain by Sandy Fritz and Leon Chaitow.

December Reading – Fascial Release

My book for December’s reading was Fascial Release for Structural Balance by James Earls & Thomas Myers. Tom Myers is well known to me because of his work with integrative structural therapy. His book Anatomy Trains should be in every massage and soft tissue therapists library. This months book is also worthy of a place in the library. James Earls studied with Tom Myers and also follows the anatomy trains approach to bodywork, something we incorporate in our work too. Knowing the authors credentials alone gave me confidence that my book for the month was going to be a good … Continue reading

December Reading – Shirley Sahrmann

For my December reading I was slightly inspired by Lynne going to see Shirley Sahrmann in Manchester, and raving about the experience and everything that she learnt. We have had her book, Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes for quite a while, and while I have dipped into it from time to time, I haven’t really got to grips with the meat of the book. It’s quite a tome, and heavy going if you try to read the whole thing. Considering it is more like a reference/text book, I decided to take only one section of the book in … Continue reading