Sports Massage qualifications

There are a decent number of people out there with sports massage qualifications now. Or at least, a good number of people out there who are advertising sports massage as a service, though there are a confusing array of different qualifications that allow them to advertise themselves as such. The main qualifications out there are under the BTEC banner. They start off at Level 3 and go to Level 5, but what is the difference, and what can you expect from a practitioner of each level? BTEC Level 3 A one-weekend qualification, generally done as a continual professional development course … Continue reading

Physiotherapy Work Placement #1

For the past 6 weeks I have been kept busy during the day by my uni course. Instead of spending my days slaving over books in the library, I have been out on placement. This basically means that I spent my time being a NHS physio, with a qualified supervisor looking on, to ensure I wasn’t doing anything wrong or stupid. I’ve been lucky enough to have a placement on community physiotherapy, which meant treating a variety of issues on people who were unable to get to hospital for an appointment. During this time I was fortunate to get to visit … Continue reading

University – the 2nd year continues

My degree in Physiotherapy continues on apace. The first semester of year 2 was very crowded with a lot of specific learning on the Spine, Cardio-Respiratory and Neurological physiotherapy, with only 3, 4 and 4 weeks worth of teaching time given over to each. All that cumulated in exams and a written assignment, which all collided in the first couple of weeks of January. I even missed a race as I thought it was probably a better idea to stay at home and revise the day before one of the exams, rather than batter my way across 22 miles of … Continue reading

Physiotherapy Year 2

Goodness. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? We are now into the 4th teaching week of semester 1 in my second year at Salford University studying Physiotherapy. The first three weeks passed in a flurry of information and work on pathologies and treatment of the spine, and we are already onto the somewhat complex subject of neurology. No time to sit back and take it easy, as once that is done, we are straight into a few weeks of cardio-respiratory physio taking me up to Christmas, and then exams in the New Year on all of the subjects above. The pace has certainly become a … Continue reading

U is for University

Well, that went rather quickly. I have now passed my first year of a Physiotherapy BSc. It wasn’t even 12 months ago that I decided that would be a course which I would take, and life has certainly been different – and a lot busier, than I expected it would be this time last year. I have learned a lot about research methods, evidence based practice and have come to look at various issues that I see from a slightly different perspective than I did before I started the course. My knowledge of skeletal anatomy has certainly come on a … Continue reading