Graduation Day for Tim

In April 2011 we moved to Glossop with a new life ahead of us. The exact path wasn’t entirely mapped out, we just knew that being in a beautiful part of the world and doing work we loved were the top two things on the list. Our applications to be massage therapists at the 2012 Olympic were still outstanding at that time. We did in fact receive the Olympic offers soon after moving; fast-forward to July/August 2012 and we were on a train to London for the unforgettable whirlwind adventure working with the athletic stars of the world. Little did … Continue reading

Qualified Physiotherapist

Well. That is it. Final exams have come been and gone. The last two were only a week or so after my final placement, so my time in the outpatient department in a local hospital was spent not just seeing patients and ensuring all my paperwork was in order, but also researching and writing presentations about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis. The final exams were viva based – so a presentation followed by questioning from the examiners – exam nerves always seem to get the better of me in that kind of situation and my easy-going easy question answering nature just seems to desert me as … Continue reading

Nearly there

Well, it has been a long time since London 2012 and the conversations that I had with a few physiotherapists, which led me onto a 3 year BSc in Salford University. Now I am staring down the barrel of my final 5 week placement – an outpatient musculoskeletal (MSK) placement – of my university career. Then there are 2 vivas, which I am busy preparing for at the moment, and then the moment of truth. This all sounds a bit easy – but from the last few days with my head buried in books, articles and computer screens, I can … Continue reading

End of Physiotherapy Placement

It is the beginning of 2015, and I’m settling down to sort out my portfolio and finish a Literature Review. November and December went in a flash, as I spent 5 weeks on placement working  and learning in Medical and Respiratory wards in Tameside. As a Salford Student I have to get experience in a number of core areas on my placements, and the Respiratory placement was not one I was looking forward to. However, I have to say that I really enjoyed my time working with the team. My horizons have well and truly been expanded. Christmas and New … Continue reading

Back to School – Physiotherapy Degree Year 3

Yes, here it is at last. 3rd year of my physiotherapy degree. Hasn’t time flown?! Well, this summer we’ve really been keeping the pace up and doing as much as possible and it has gone past pretty quickly. All of a sudden I find myself, along with my classmates, staring down the road of our final year at University. This year promises to be quite challenging, as you’d expect. The work volume notches up, the number of placements goes up, the number of things we need to have ready to hand in on consecutive weeks increases, and, of course, the … Continue reading

Research focus: tendon healing and ibuprofen

Like a lot of research studies undertaken, this one is not based on findings from human subjects. The results do however make an interesting read. We’ll keep an eye out for other research in this area as it’s a topic we are often asked about.  The detrimental effects of systemic Ibuprofen delivery on tendon healing are time-dependent Brianne K Connizzo, Sarah M Yannascoli, Jennica J Tucker, Adam C Caro, Corinne N Riggin, Robert L Mauck, Louis J Soslowsky, David R Steinberg, Joseph Bernstein Clinical Orthopaedics and related Research 2014, 472 (8): 2433-9 BACKGROUND: Current clinical treatment after tendon repairs often includes prescribing NSAIDs … Continue reading