Structure and Plans

I still have no structure to my training plan. What with moving house and getting the business up and running life’s been a little hectic. But I shall remedy this tonight because for me, it’s important to have a goal (or something tangible) to aim for. That doesn’t have to be finishing a mountain marathon in under four hours, or making it all the way round the Bob Graham. For me it’s about having a plan laid out to make sure I get out and do something. So far I’ve managed to go running or walking without too much trouble, … Continue reading

recovery day…?

Today was written in as a recovery day. Just an hours worth of gentle cycling to get blood into the legs, wake up the neural circuits, and stretch out some fascia. Nothing serious. Finding a place in the Peak District, particularly near Glossop, which appears to be based in the bottom of a valley, no matter which way you look, is a more interesting matter.I settled on a route out toward the Woodhead, stopping at the sailing club and then coming back along the same route. My HR monitor had no battery, so I kept the intensity down by making … Continue reading


Headed over to New Mills to watch the local team in a league match against the guys at the top of the table, (and undisputed winners of the league this year).Glossop, despite going a goal down in the first few mins played well, and didnt give up, having a number of decent chances before finally scoring late in the second half. One of the guys was down and out before it even began- having sustained an injury to his heel in the middle of the previous game- it flared up on the day, and he was having real trouble walking … Continue reading

Derbyshire Hills

I’ve been dreaming of the Derbyshire hills for a while now. I used to live up this way, only a short way from where we’ve landed in Glossop. Living in London has been a big part of my life but the last few years have been spent gradually learning that I didn’t want to be there at all; that I should be living near to the hills again. So, we took out a map and worked out all the places in the UK that ticked all the boxes…mainly hills, green stuff in our backyard essentially, close to a decent sized … Continue reading

Walk in the Groughs

We went up to the groughs beyond the house today, searching for the falls that Lynne had seen on a map a couple of days earlier on a recce run.After the morning was mostly overcast (which Lynne had spent mostly on the computer sorting out the website), we set out in trousers and softshells expecting it to be a pretty chilly wander. But within about 10 mins of leaving the house the sun was out in all its glory, beating down on us as we trekked up the path to the open access land. After getting off of the beaten … Continue reading

Mountain Biking in the Peak

I havent really been on a bike, and certainly not been on a mountain bike in anger for quite some time. Having got hold of Peak District Mountain Biking- the Dark Peak, by Vertabrate Publishing recently, I had a look through it, saw one that was relatively close- just over the hill starting at Hayfield, and decided that I’d give it a bash. Starting out early- its been hot these past couple of days, I cycled over the pass to Hayfield, taking in a lovely 10%er on the way up, and dropped into the village. From there, I followed the … Continue reading