Walk in the Groughs

We went up to the groughs beyond the house today, searching for the falls that Lynne had seen on a map a couple of days earlier on a recce run.After the morning was mostly overcast (which Lynne had spent mostly on the computer sorting out the website), we set out in trousers and softshells expecting it to be a pretty chilly wander. But within about 10 mins of leaving the house the sun was out in all its glory, beating down on us as we trekked up the path to the open access land. After getting off of the beaten … Continue reading

Mountain Biking in the Peak

I havent really been on a bike, and certainly not been on a mountain bike in anger for quite some time. Having got hold of Peak District Mountain Biking- the Dark Peak, by Vertabrate Publishing recently, I had a look through it, saw one that was relatively close- just over the hill starting at Hayfield, and decided that I’d give it a bash. Starting out early- its been hot these past couple of days, I cycled over the pass to Hayfield, taking in a lovely 10%er on the way up, and dropped into the village. From there, I followed the … Continue reading


Ouch.So I should have spent more time stretching out, and should definitely have done some kind of recovery workout after the Herod Farm race.My calves feel cramped and the whole posterior chain from achilles to Glutes feel like they need to be stretched out on a rack.I foam rollered this morning, and got on the turbo trainer to get some blood moving through them, but still there is residual soreness.That’ll learn me. Tim ps. DOMS is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Herod Farm Fell Race

Entered my first fell race in the Peak today. I have run a couple down south, but never anywhere where there that actually been proper hills. The Herod Farm race is organised by Glossopdale Harriers http://www.glossopdale.org.uk/, and is famed for the “2nd hill”.Normally, short fell races are run on an up and back basis- so once you have got all the climbing out of the way, there is little else to do except run like hellfire to get back down to the bottom of the hill.Herod Farm is different. It follows all the usual bits, like running up a hill … Continue reading

Gym Jones FDI seminar

I was lucky enough to attend the Gym Jones FDI seminar in London back in October. I have reams of notes about it, both received and written, and I have come across my thoughts and day to day ideas and processes as I went through the course. I have been fascinated with Mark Twight and his training methodologies since I first read Extreme Alpinism many years ago, and it still sits in pride of place on my bookshelf. (except now it bears a signature on the inside- from an older, and dare I say it, wiser Dr. death. – It … Continue reading