Burpees and bakers

The day of rest yesterday (planned, I might add), was definitely a good idea, and my knee is no longer hurting as it was on Friday. Ibuprofen, ice, lymphatic drainage from the area, and some massage around the quads to help the muscle tissue relax and get rid of waste products = ready for action. I didn’t want to completely rupture anything this time – so just going easy this morning. Power endurance- breathing ladder. Burpees 1-12-1. The original idea was just to go 1-20, but by about 11 I was twinging on the left knee, and not wanting to … Continue reading

yep- me knee

After liberal icing, compression and elevation yesterday, along with lymphatic drainage, it seems that this morning I have slight inflammation of the patella ligament (lateral portion).Despite jumping in a cold bath after yesterdays squatting efforts, my glutes and hamstrings are feeling it this morning.I think the answer is more ice… and longer in the bath. So, the TGUs are out for today, I dont want to be putting pressure on the knee in any way shape or form, I imagine that its a good idea to blow out the hill training tomorrow as well, replacing it with a workout which … Continue reading

oooh, me knee!

After a workout involving squatting, tractor tyre flipping and squat thrusts, my right knee is slightly swollen and tender under the lateral portion of the patella. Its not an impact injury, so I suspect that my biomechanics might be a bit off when I do split squats. I’ve come about to this thought because without an impact, the knee really cant do that much wrong on its own. It’s when it is put out of alignment by other structures in the body- either the one below it – the ankle/foot, or the one above it – the hip – that … Continue reading

Recovery Day

I’ve been told by a good source that there’s no such thing as overtraining, just under-recovery. So, in my training plan which Tim helped me create, today is noted as a Recovery Day. It’s not the same as a Rest Day (generally no activity).  Today’s recovery is aimed at getting blood moving around the body, recovering from previous training sessions and getting my body in to a good place to be able to train better/harder/faster/more efficient in the coming days. The idea in my turbo session was to keep the HR down and be able to hold a conversation – … Continue reading

Match with the Locals

After being called up to help out with Glossop North End the other day, I went along to provide massage support for them in one of their last games of the season. The Physio isn’t generally able to come for mid-week games, so I went along to help out. After arriving early I headed into the changing room- just a room with a physio couch in the middle, and a few bags with a variety of sprays, tapes and bits and pieces in them. After looking through them all, I managed to mix and match the supplies into a bag … Continue reading

Run with the Harriers

So yesterdays recovery day didnt go quite as planned. I was intending on heading out to “cakes of bread” with the Dark Peak guys this evening as an endurance based workout, hence recovery yesterday. However, I was called in the middle of the day yesterday and asked to help cover a football match this evening as a therapist. Not one to turn down such an opportunity, I knocked Cakes of Bread on the head, and realised that I would either need to do an Endurance related thing on Wed, or do something else on my designated “recovery” day and rest … Continue reading