Magic hands?

Oooh I ache. I need a massage. Yes, massage and the myth of magic hands goes a long way. Sore muscles seem to know that the touch of a skilled therapist will help wipe away the fatigue and pain of long, hard sessions of training. Maybe even to the point of healing injuries and enabling the person to make a miraculous recovery, rising Lazarus like from the depths of injury to race-winning health within an hour. This, I regret to inform you, does not happen in the real world. No matter how magic you might think a person’s hands are, … Continue reading

Massage Therapy for Vocalists

Vocals. They are our natural instrument with which we can interact with the world. Some of us do that in delightful ways, entertaining us with singing or acting, and others still inspire us with lectures and teachings about the world we live in. We all communicate with our voice, and the creative ones amongst us use their voice as their instrument. But why is massage therapy important if you use your voice to earn your living or entertain people? Just as a dancer or athlete seeks out regular maintenance massage, a vocal artist should also consider this as a tool to … Continue reading

Short video from Up the Nab- English Fell Champs 2016.

The English Fell Championships were held in Glossop this weekend, starting from the rugby club. The sunshine and runners were out in force, and we were on hand for pre- and post-race sports massage and physio advice. Thanks to the donations we received from runners we raised about £50 for Glossop Mountain Rescue Team.                

Support for unfunded British athletes on the Road to Rio

  Global Therapies are proud to be offering support to UK athletes through the SMA Road to Rio Sponsorship Programme. We both had such an amazing experience working at the London 2012 Olympics and know how much all athletes value the support offered by therapists. The SMA have issued a press release which explains about this programme in detail:     The Sports Massage Association, the Professional Association for Sports Massage Therapists and Soft Tissue Therapists in the UK, is offering tangible support for unfunded British Athletes on the run up to next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. The SMA … Continue reading

Top 5 Recovery Methods

Recovery is so important for anyone who exercises, regardless of the volume and intensity. The key is to not think that “recovery” means “complete rest”. One hour in the gym or running then sitting down on your backside for the remaining 167 hours in the week is not a good recipe for your overall health and well-being. When we say recovery, we mean things you can do to improve your chances of coming back to the activity stronger, being fitter, preventing injury, improving your overall health, and maximizing the time you do spend lifting weights/running or whatever activity you do. … Continue reading

Everesting Snake Pass

On Sunday afternoon I offered to help out with something called “Everesting”. For those of you not in the know, the basic concept is that one person, on a bike, rides up and down the same hill, over and over again without stopping until they have climbed the equivalent height of Everest. 8848metres. There are indeed rules, as cyclists never seem able to do things without rules, and you can see them at this website. Anyhow, it has become a bit of a thing round here over the past month. A few weeks ago, a friend of ours, Rich from … Continue reading