Global Therapies at ShAFF

Well, we have finally got home after a pretty busy and exciting weekend at ShAFF, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

Way back somewhen last year, we were approached by the organisers, Heason Events, and asked if we would like to come over to the festival and help out by providing Sports and Remedial Massage as part of the service to the festival goers. We also got to see a couple of the lectures and films as well, which was pretty cool. Great to see the superb photos from Dan Lane too, inspirational work from this young photographer.

We were there all day Saturday, and the vast majority to people we saw were climbers or runners, with a couple of kayakers thrown into the mix. Clicking and crunching shoulder blades, knees that hurt, twisted ankles, and one migraine.

Lissa Cook having her migraine relieved by Lynne

Along with all of the great people we were seeing there were a couple of legends in the room doing book signings as well, Johnny Dawes, Ron Fawcett, Niall Grimes, that kind of order of person. We had the pleasure of treating Johnny, which turned into a conversation about the finer points of movement, and how it feels and “sounds” when things just go right, and how that relates to climbing and general life.

Johnny Dawes being treated by Tim

Johnny Dawes following treatment – he’s quite pleased with the results!

We also took the time to help out with ShAFF judge Lucy Creamer, and Heason Events organiser extraordinaire Lissa, very gratifying to be able to help out with those who are the nuts and bolts of the show, without whom, it just wouldn’t work or go ahead.

Tim explaining the intricacies rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder to Lucy Creamer

I had a fantastic time listening to Charlie Spedding on Saturday night, a lecture organised by the AccelerateUK team, a report of which can be found on my other blog, and on the Sunday I managed to find time to kick back and finally got to see the Long Hope Route, which was brilliant and inspirational. A truly fantastic film about how the route was forged, and why it is such an important step in British sea cliff climbing.

Thanks to everyone that came along, even today on such a beautiful day (bad weather is probably better for a film festival, but nevermind), hopefully see you again some time soon. The next time the Global Therapies Massage train is out is next weekend at the FRA short counter at Lads Leap. Drop in, say hi, and grab a quick pre- or post race massage. Its free, but donations which go to Glossop Mountain Rescue Team are greatly appreciated.

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