Tendinopathy – or How I understand Jill Cooks podcast

Professor Jill Cook is a physiotherapist, a clinician and a scientist, she is deputy editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine and is, quite frankly, a legend. This is my take, and a simplification for the time starved on the British Medical Journal podcasts delivered by Jill Cook – you can listen to the originals by following these links part 1 and part 2. Lets break it down from the beginning… What are tendons? Connective tissue made from Collagen that attaches muscles (contracting tissue) to bones (levers). they don’t just connect, they store and release energy to provide efficient movement. What is a tendinopathy? … Continue reading

Research focus: tendon healing and ibuprofen

Like a lot of research studies undertaken, this one is not based on findings from human subjects. The results do however make an interesting read. We’ll keep an eye out for other research in this area as it’s a topic we are often asked about.  The detrimental effects of systemic Ibuprofen delivery on tendon healing are time-dependent Brianne K Connizzo, Sarah M Yannascoli, Jennica J Tucker, Adam C Caro, Corinne N Riggin, Robert L Mauck, Louis J Soslowsky, David R Steinberg, Joseph Bernstein Clinical Orthopaedics and related Research 2014, 472 (8): 2433-9 BACKGROUND: Current clinical treatment after tendon repairs often includes prescribing NSAIDs … Continue reading