Into the Wild

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was the one saying “I’d love to swim outdoors but brrrr the water must be freezing”. Well back in 2018 I decided that I was never going to give wild swimming a go without a wetsuit, so off I went and bought one. I was totally open in saying that if I really didn’t like it I would just sell the wetsuit and be absolutely content knowing I had given wild swimming a decent go. I took myself off to a well organised swim in a local reservoir – safety kayaks … Continue reading

Pregnancy: postural changes

It goes without saying that your body undergoes dramatic changes during pregnancy. One of those changes is your posture. But don’t go thinking it will happen overnight because it doesn’t, the changes are gradual and creep on you as you gain weight and your body adjusts to the various developments of pregnancy. Because of the weight you will gain your body experiences more aches and pains than it usually would. It’s a given, but what you do about it could help provide relief, I’ll return to that later. As your abdomen and breasts enlarge your centre of gravity changes and … Continue reading

Swimming while Pregnant

I have been researching swimming whilst pregnant and came across this article which is a good short read:,,4716-1-1-84574-0-file,00.pdf The main thrust of the advise seems to be that swimming is good, particularly to counterbalance any postural changes that may occur by strengthening your chest and back muscles. This is important because the body’s centre of gravity changes dramatically as you gain weight and rather than let your muscles just adjust in an unbalanced posture you need to keep them healthy and strong by exercising. For someone carrying a baby the main benefit of swimming has to be getting into … Continue reading