Calf Stretches

A common question asked in the running world is “do you stretch?” More often than you think, the answer is “yes”. Quickly followed by, “but only my calves”. Great – stretching is rarely a bad thing. But the way the lower leg muscle group tends to be stretched can be woefully inefficient. A lot of people are really good at stretching ONE of the main lower leg muscles. The other one, (in some peoples opinion, the more important one) doesn’t even get a look in, despite the fact it is used for the majority of force when running. Yikes! Running … Continue reading

Research focus: trigger point therapy for calf pain

We are constantly reading, researching and investigating issues relating to the work we do. In our recent research we’ve read an interesting research study looking at calf (triceps surae) dysfuntion and whether trigger point therapy is an effective treatment. Alongside the trigger point treatment that was administered, subjects were advised on home care using a programme of stretching and foam rollering. The abstract from the paper is in the text below, if you want to have a look – the results show that following treatment to deactivate trigger points the subjects had better range of movement in the ankle, less pain and better function. … Continue reading

S is for Stretching

We’re asked many times about stretching so here’s a summary of the most frequent questions we hear: Why do I need to stretch? First ask yourself what you want to achieve from stretching, then you’ll be closer to knowing why. Here’s a quick summary of the key benefits: Better range of movement Better force production throughout that range of movement (power) More efficient blood flow (and nutrient flow) to the muscles More efficient removal of metabolic waste – both of these mean more efficient muscular recovery from aerobic AND anaerobic activity Better proprioception – knowing exactly where your body is … Continue reading

Stretches for desk workers – part 2

Following on from Stretches for desk workers – part 1, here are the next five stretches for you: 6. Interlaced hands above your head with palms facing upwards (remember to stretch your ribs) then add a slight side bend. Repeat on opposite side. 7. Shoulder shrugs and drops: first shrug your shoulders towards your ears, hold, then release and drop your shoulders and slide your shoulder blades downwards. 8. Palms together in front of you, keeping your elbows level. 9. Spine rotations: cross you right leg over your left, left hand on right knee, right elbow on back of your … Continue reading

Stretches for desk workers – part 1

Do you sit at a desk for long periods of time? Chances are you experience some sort of discomfort or aches because you’re sitting in a fixed position. There’s more about being a Desk Jockey in this article.  To help you combat the stiffness and tension your body is being subjected to we’ve put together ten stretches that will help you relieve those aches and pains….just remember to do them a few times each day. Here’s the first five stretches, we’ll post the others soon: 1. Interlace your fingers behind your head and gently squeeze your shoulder blades together, push … Continue reading

Diaphragmatic pain while running

I have mentioned pain in my diaphragm when running in a couple of blogs recently. I used to get it a bit when I was starting out, it put me off running for a while, and then I went back and hoped it wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn’t. I never really knew what it was, and didn’t think about it until recently when I started to get the same pain in races, stretching out on down hills, or just running on the flat. Funnily enough, it never really happened when I was running uphill. So I went … Continue reading