Injury Focus – Rotator cuff

I see a fair few climbers and gym athletes with shoulder issues. Although there are a huge number of climbing and shoulder related resources out there, I thought it might be nice to have a quick blog about the most mis-understood bits of the whole thing. The rotator cuff and how that relates to issues that appear in the training and climbing community. Note, this is a blog, not a peer reviewed journal, nor is it a self-diagnosis provider. It is something to read, and hopefully be educated with. If you need a diagnosis for yourself – see a professional. … Continue reading

Need to keep rehabbing!

As you may or may not know from the series of blogs that have gone before I’ve had a bit of an interesting year since June in terms of injury, pain and not really running. The last blog was pretty positive in that I was getting back on my feet and getting more running done. That pretty much continued over the next few weeks, with both high paced (for me) running in a few cross country races, and a few longer, but slower runs over much, much rougher terrain – like the Old Glossop Peak Raid, which was a really … Continue reading

Hip rehab – what have I ended up doing?

As you may or may not know from previous blogs, I’ve been having a bit of a problem with my right hip. The Sacroiliac joint, and the adductors, to be exact. It took me out of running for about 8-10 weeks. I’m slowly getting back to running, as was detailed by my last blog, but the most common response (apart from aren’t you going mad?) has been “so what are you doing to get you back to running”? I thought I would address that here. Looking back on my diary for the last few weeks and months have shown an … Continue reading

Physician- Heal Thyself – a fairly long one – I must apologise.

There is a lot of information out there about Janda’s “Lower Cross Syndrome” – It is characterised by anterior hip tilt and an increased lumbar lordosis. According to what you read, this may – or indeed, may not lead to lower back pain or other musculoskeletal problems. The fact that this syndrome led to pain was a fairly well accepted theory for many years and a lot of physiotherapy was focused on remedying this anterior hip tilt through the stretching of “tight” hip flexors and strengthening of the “weak” or “loose” core and somewhat amnesiac glutes. (How, exactly do glutes … Continue reading

The Answer to Hip Pain

My hip pain – the miracle cure As you may or may not know I’ve been having some amusement with my right hip/ sacroiliac joint recently. It just started hurting spontaneously about four weeks ago now, and there is a blog you can read about it here. I haven’t run for four weeks, I’ve barely been able to walk without pain for two of them, despite some pretty lovely rest and some strengthening work. Now, I’d like to talk about alternative therapies for just a moment. In the past I have come across people who have had longer term issues … Continue reading

Hip flexor / adductor problem…?

Last August I ran Cracken Edge Fell Race. On the way down the final hill into the finish, I really let go and hammered it as hard as I could. It felt amazing just to run that fast. However, that was the beginning of something that has plagued me for quite a while. The day after the race I woke up with a pain in my lower abs/upper leg, like a muscle strain, but not quite. It was difficult to sit up to get out of bed and I found myself rolling over to drop onto the floor as an … Continue reading