Diaphragmatic pain- treatment and prevention

As the diaphramatic pain blog got a fair amount of interest in terms of people looking at it, I re-read it and obviously there is a lot of information about what is happening and why things are hurting, but not so much about how to stop it happening or how to treat the pain. As alluded to by one of the comments I have been in touch with a couple of people and suggested some stretches, which seems to have stopped the symptoms. I basically sat down and worked out some things which would stretch out the tissues mentioned. The … Continue reading

Diaphragmatic pain while running

I have mentioned pain in my diaphragm when running in a couple of blogs recently. I used to get it a bit when I was starting out, it put me off running for a while, and then I went back and hoped it wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn’t. I never really knew what it was, and didn’t think about it until recently when I started to get the same pain in races, stretching out on down hills, or just running on the flat. Funnily enough, it never really happened when I was running uphill. So I went … Continue reading


Well, I’ve been waiting for this one to come along for a while. A local race, 5 miles long with 1350ft of ascent. Another midweek counter for the Glossopdale bunch, but with a number of the “big names” away on a jolly to the jolly isles of Rum and Eigg, this was going to be a good one for those still remaining in the citidel that is Glossop, to get out there and steal some useful points. I didn’t see the route until yesterday, when a photo of a map was put up on fellrunner. It was kind of what … Continue reading

Shining Tor Fell race

Me and Nev, pre-race. Another Wednesday, another mid-week counter for Glossopdale. This time, over onto the White Peak Map for the Shining Tor race. 5.9 miles, and 1600ft of climbing. 2 uphills and 2 downs, and a right kicker at the end. Not much on its own, but 200yards uphill on a track at the end of that lot, well, it was always going to be an amusing one. The Glossopdale turnout was, unsurprisingly pretty good, and there were some fast runners in the mix. I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to repeat my effort from last week- … Continue reading