Stretches for desk workers – part 2

Following on from Stretches for desk workers – part 1, here are the next five stretches for you: 6. Interlaced hands above your head with palms facing upwards (remember to stretch your ribs) then add a slight side bend. Repeat on opposite side. 7. Shoulder shrugs and drops: first shrug your shoulders towards your ears, hold, then release and drop your shoulders and slide your shoulder blades downwards. 8. Palms together in front of you, keeping your elbows level. 9. Spine rotations: cross you right leg over your left, left hand on right knee, right elbow on back of your … Continue reading

Stretches for desk workers – part 1

Do you sit at a desk for long periods of time? Chances are you experience some sort of discomfort or aches because you’re sitting in a fixed position. There’s more about being a Desk Jockey in this article.  To help you combat the stiffness and tension your body is being subjected to we’ve put together ten stretches that will help you relieve those aches and pains….just remember to do them a few times each day. Here’s the first five stretches, we’ll post the others soon: 1. Interlace your fingers behind your head and gently squeeze your shoulder blades together, push … Continue reading

Desk Jockeys

By this I mean a desk-bound employee pushing papers and typing at keyboards all day long. Low exercise levels (just on the job, we’re not saying you’re lazy), restricted movements and repeated actions, none of which are all that good for your posture. So what does poor posture mean for our bodies? Well, muscles can become weak and elongated, short and overly tense, switch off completely because others have taken over their role or just generally dysfunctional. You might experience muscular pain, joint stiffness, headaches, a sense of not being quite right, or suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injury). Whatever … Continue reading

Pregnancy: postural changes

It goes without saying that your body undergoes dramatic changes during pregnancy. One of those changes is your posture. But don’t go thinking it will happen overnight because it doesn’t, the changes are gradual and creep on you as you gain weight and your body adjusts to the various developments of pregnancy. Because of the weight you will gain your body experiences more aches and pains than it usually would. It’s a given, but what you do about it could help provide relief, I’ll return to that later. As your abdomen and breasts enlarge your centre of gravity changes and … Continue reading