What is a Turkish Get Up?

The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is an exercise which involves your whole body in a series of fluid movements, taking you from laying down to standing, and back down. It is an incredibly versatile exercise and worthy of a place in any training programme – either for warming up or as an exercise in it’s own right. The TGU is easily adaptable to suit different levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. Over time it can improve each of these aspects and in performing TGUs you will also be promoting both upper and lower body stability. Because your arm is held … Continue reading

End of physio placement 2

For the past 6 weeks I have been on my Neurophysiotherapy placement in Tameside General Hospital. Neuro is not a discipline that I found particularly easy or natural to learn, and the placement held a few fears for me. To be honest, before I did it, I had visions of not learning all that much and finding myself out of my depth in terms of communication and background knowledge. However, my preconceptions were completely changed by my Clinical Educator and the general team over in Tameside General. I know that Tameside hasn’t really got the greatest of reputations, and also, … Continue reading