L is for Lumbar

It’s no secret that back pain is common among the general population – more so in recent times, where we find ourselves leading increasingly sedentary lives – or at the least, spending a lot more time in a sitting position, rather than up and about, out in the wild trying to catch our dinner or foraging for food! The lumbar region of your spine (lower back) is made up of five vertebrae and bears the majority of the body’s weight, it also happens to be the second most flexible region of your spine after the cervical region, your neck. There’s clearly a stability … Continue reading

Lower Back Pain Trigger points from the QL

Now Lower Back Pain is quite a big subject, (minor understatement), and for the sake of not sitting here and writing an entire book, I’m going to limit this to a client I was treating last night. Whilst driving, he was getting significant pain in the far lower back, right down where the back meets the bum- the lower lumbar area going into sacral area (L5-S1). He has had no history of spinal problems, no slipped discs, hernias or anything like that, and has to stretch the area out when driving because it hurts. Now, originally you would assume that … Continue reading