Therapy Expo 2014

Therapy Expo is the “UKs dedicated Therapy Trade Show for Clinic Therapists and Independent Practitioners” and once again it was held in Manchester. This year we were there in two capacities. Firstly to explore the stands and see the exhibitors and catch up with our colleagues from London. Secondly, with our Rocktape hats on, helping the guys out on their stand. As expected, it was busy from the outset with questions about the tape, how to apply it, benefits etc, as well as applying it for people who’ve never used it before. We were also drafted in as models for Medical Director, Paul Coker, … Continue reading

Bullock Smithy on RockTape

Earlier this year we were delighted to hear that our Glossopdale Harriers friend and regular sports massage client Sue had entered the Bullock Smithy challenge. She’s a great runner, specialising in ultra distance events and has won some top prizes, in the case of the Endurance Life Marathon (North York Moors in May 2013) she won the race outright in 4:02:42! Sue has been on great form all year,  recording a Personal Best road marathon time of 3.20.12 in the Virgin London Marathon. We’ll let Sue do the talking about her experience on the Bullock Smithy this year: “Earlier this year a club mate proposed running an ultra … Continue reading

K is for Knee

When we think of the knee (which is a modified hinge joint), and indeed any form of hinge, we would be mistaken to think that it is a simple joint – but it is far from that. Look at the snapshot on the left which shows a front on view of the right knee. You can see there’s a lot of muscles, tendons and ligaments and other (hidden) soft tissues all converging around this joint. Injuries to ligaments are probably the most common at this joint, and unfortunately often quite debilitating. In addition to ligament injury the knee is at … Continue reading

I is for ITB

Illiotibial bands – or ITBs have been mentioned a number of times before on this blog. However, it’s always good to revisit things as there is pretty much always something more to say. If you are a runner or a cyclist you may well have had some kind of issue with the Illiotibial Band, the connection of fascia from the hip area down to the knee area. If you have issues either in your hip or in your feet which make your gait somewhat less efficient than normal, the ITB can “tighten” and pain results in the knee area. It … Continue reading

A is for Adductors

An interesting muscle group that doesn’t really get the attention in a lot of massages – and they should. Found on the inside of your upper leg, they are involved mainly in 2 actions, adduction – pulling your leg toward the midline, and also extension – pulling your leg backwards. (not all of them do this, but bear with me as this isn’t meant to be a physiological tour de force, just an introduction). There are 5 adductors, Pectinius, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Longus, Adductor Magnus and Gracilis. They all start on the lower area of the pelvis and attach in … Continue reading

Knee Update – Looking Good

Well, after Edale Skyline, I was pretty happy with the way my knee was feeling. I managed to get around it easily enough, without it niggling too much. A few more weeks of taking it a bit easy, more hip mobilisations and rollering along all sides of my leg seem to have brought it back into a decent and un-hurting joint again. I am able to run up and down hills, train and race once again. The important thing now is to not forget to keep up with all the rehab/prehab stuff I have been doing, the worst thing that … Continue reading