Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 2

Read about Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 1 here. The next morning, we jumped straight into the classroom, no sudden early morning wake up call from Rob, and worked our way through some more advanced programming theory, while a Crossfit class went on in the Gym outside. There was an extended Q&A session, which included quite a debate as to why there are no Female “standards” at Gym Jones, despite the fact there are Male ones. I think the issue is still in debate, and there is no definitive answer as yet. Later on in the morning, we … Continue reading

Gym Jones Seminar – Level 2 – Day 1

I did the Gym Jones Foundation course way back in 2010. Even then I was no longer a slave to the desk, instead, I was most of the way through my career in an outdoors shop, and already a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I was certainly no-where near athletic, and had been intrigued by Gym Jones for a good few years. My main reason for going on the seminar was to meet with something of a hero of mine – Mark Twight. Legendary Alpinist and outspoken head of Gym Jones, but also, a man who has remarkable insight into the … Continue reading

6-8 months on, what changed after the Gym Jones seminar?

I thought it might be an interesting exercise to have a look back over my training diary and recent history since I did the Gym Jones FDI seminar and see how and if I had managed to keep up any of the training – or keep any of the concepts in my mind. I worked out a training schedule for the first month, and decided to keep a food diary, to see what I was eating and see where I could cut out the bad things. This went well. It was November when I started the training, and I had … Continue reading

Gym Jones FDI seminar

I was lucky enough to attend the Gym Jones FDI seminar in London back in October. I have reams of notes about it, both received and written, and I have come across my thoughts and day to day ideas and processes as I went through the course. I have been fascinated with Mark Twight and his training methodologies since I first read Extreme Alpinism many years ago, and it still sits in pride of place on my bookshelf. (except now it bears a signature on the inside- from an older, and dare I say it, wiser Dr. death. – It … Continue reading