Did Not Start or Did Not Finish? This is a question that I think about a fair amount in terms of runners and cyclists that have been injured. When you have a race coming up, get injured training for it, or just generally in the run up to the big event, what do you do? Try and fudge through – start and see what happens, gambling on finishing and potentially making things a lot worse, with more time off and rehab afterward, of taking a DNS on the chin and getting on with rehab and training? I’ve been there myself, … Continue reading

Coping with Injury

Perhaps this is a good time to talk about injuries and coping with them, and maybe, how not to re-injure yourself through coming back too quickly. The reason for this is because I recently had my first DNF in a fell race, through an impact injury with a rock. A few days later, my knee was still pretty swollen, I couldn’t bend it so well… In fact I could barely walk up stairs. It was going to be a good couple of weeks, if not more, before I could actually get out to run, cycle, or even get on the rowing machine. … Continue reading

Everesting Snake Pass

On Sunday afternoon I offered to help out with something called “Everesting”. For those of you not in the know, the basic concept is that one person, on a bike, rides up and down the same hill, over and over again without stopping until they have climbed the equivalent height of Everest. 8848metres. There are indeed rules, as cyclists never seem able to do things without rules, and you can see them at this website. Anyhow, it has become a bit of a thing round here over the past month. A few weeks ago, a friend of ours, Rich from … Continue reading

Cycling Plus

We get a mention in the September issue of Cycling Plus with special thanks to Nikalas Cook, and another great article by him. Make sure you pick up your copy. see page 162 for Nik Cooks article and a feature from Tim Budd

I’m a cyclist. What good is Sports Massage for me?

As a cyclist, you know about spending money on getting a better bike, lighter components and more aerodynamic wheels. It all makes you go faster. That’s all defined by materials and mechanics, if someone else buys the same thing as you, they can go just as fast. What if you could get something unique that could make you go faster and be a more efficient and less injury prone cyclist? No, I’m not talking about EPO, I’m talking about Sports Massage. We know that the pro’s use it on a day to day basis – and they know the performance … Continue reading

Mountain Biking in the Peak

I havent really been on a bike, and certainly not been on a mountain bike in anger for quite some time. Having got hold of Peak District Mountain Biking- the Dark Peak, by Vertabrate Publishing recently, I had a look through it, saw one that was relatively close- just over the hill starting at Hayfield, and decided that I’d give it a bash. Starting out early- its been hot these past couple of days, I cycled over the pass to Hayfield, taking in a lovely 10%er on the way up, and dropped into the village. From there, I followed the … Continue reading