What’s Lynne reading at the moment?

If you’ve seen our website, had a treatment, or just had a chat with with us you will know that we are continually looking to improve our skills and learn more. That learning comes in many ways – in-person attendance on courses and conferences, marking massage student papers, watching online tutorial and of course reading. It’s the reason we use the hashtag #alwayslearning Back before I (Lynne) qualified as a massage therapist, and indeed a personal trainer, I had an office job. During full time work I added the challenge of obtaining a BSc in Psychology degree to my workload … Continue reading

CPD in Physio

We’re taught things at massage and physio school that have been around for a long time. They have been unquestioned pillars of the profession for years if not decades and have been taught as such. With the current trend in Evidence Based Practice, more and more of these “essential” skills are being looked at with fresh eyes, and fairly often, the dogma of what has come before is proving to be incorrect from an evidence based point of view. This is an interesting conundrum for physios, who claim to be from a science background. (Indeed, the degree is a BSc, … Continue reading

HCPC and CSP – do you have Acronym Confusion?

There are a lot of acronyms bandied around the medical profession, and people with all kinds of letters after their names. Sometimes it almost seems to be a competition as to who can get most letters after their names as opposed to what the person knows. Lots of letters doesn’t necessarily mean lots of knowledge. Here’s what you need to know about the one’s we use in relation to Physiotherapy. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Any physiotherapist you see should be a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). Membership is only permitted once you have passed a BSc. in Physiotherapy from … Continue reading

U is for University

Well, that went rather quickly. I have now passed my first year of a Physiotherapy BSc. It wasn’t even 12 months ago that I decided that would be a course which I would take, and life has certainly been different – and a lot busier, than I expected it would be this time last year. I have learned a lot about research methods, evidence based practice and have come to look at various issues that I see from a slightly different perspective than I did before I started the course. My knowledge of skeletal anatomy has certainly come on a … Continue reading