Injury Focus – Rotator cuff

I see a fair few climbers and gym athletes with shoulder issues. Although there are a huge number of climbing and shoulder related resources out there, I thought it might be nice to have a quick blog about the most mis-understood bits of the whole thing. The rotator cuff and how that relates to issues that appear in the training and climbing community. Note, this is a blog, not a peer reviewed journal, nor is it a self-diagnosis provider. It is something to read, and hopefully be educated with. If you need a diagnosis for yourself – see a professional. … Continue reading

Olympic Dreams for Andy Turner and Ice Climbing

It’s amazing to think that 18 months ago Tim and I were working at the 2012 London Olympics, and now we’re in the midst of the 2014 Winter Olympics. We’re having a great time watching the winter sports over in Sochi, and even more exciting, one of our regular clients is on his way to Russia right now. Andy Turner set up the Great Britain Ice Climbing Team, and as well as climbing for the team he also coaches other climbers. We saw Andy on Tuesday for his final session of soft tissue therapy before flying out to Sochi. Over in … Continue reading

Rockover Rocfest 2012

It’s been a year since we were invited to the Rocfest 1st birthday party climbing competition. Since then we have been holding regular clinics at Rockover, and were priveliged to be asked back to assist at Rocfest 2012. A bigger, more flamboyant climbing competition than before. The numbers that had pre-entered were certainly pointing towards a great event, with nigh on 200 people pre-registering. Beginners prizes provided by DMM and cash prizes for the winners was always going to be a big draw. Some may question the wisdom of putting on an indoor comp at the beginning of summer when … Continue reading

Global Therapies at ShAFF

Well, we have finally got home after a pretty busy and exciting weekend at ShAFF, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. Way back somewhen last year, we were approached by the organisers, Heason Events, and asked if we would like to come over to the festival and help out by providing Sports and Remedial Massage as part of the service to the festival goers. We also got to see a couple of the lectures and films as well, which was pretty cool. Great to see the superb photos from Dan Lane too, inspirational work from this young photographer. We were there … Continue reading

Rock Over Growl 4

Well done to everyone who braved the chill cabinet at the final competition in the Great Rock Over Winter League (aka GROWL). It was held yesterday and we were there offering free massages to the competitors. We’ve reported on the previous contests here: October, December, January. We had a lovely time treating lots of people, with a surprising amount of neck injuries.  It seemed like everyone was having lots of fun and eating lots of the very nice baked potatoes with homemade chilli. Great to see the improvement of some climbers since the first competition and some big names of … Continue reading

Rock Over Growl 3

Yesterday was spent down at Rock Over Climbing Wall in Manchester for the third GROWL contest. Reports from the first and second contests can be found here for the October event and here for the December event. January’s contest started off quiet, just a few dozen competitors there for the initial briefing. There was no sign of hanging ball problems today, instead some tricky looking volumes to negotiate. We were impressed to see so many of the climbers going through serious warm up routines – looking after your body like that is a great way to help prevent injuries, especially … Continue reading